Showing Rats

So You Want to Get into Showing?

Showing your rats is very easy! If you live in Qld, NSW, Tas, WA, ACT or Vic, contact your local rat association for more precise show info that is relevant to you (a list of the rat associations can be found here). Below is a general guide to showing your rats.

Is My Rat Show Quality?

You might want to talk to someone who is an experienced breeder/exhibitor to find out if you should enter your rats in colour/type classes. Even if your rat is nothing special as far as standards go, you can still enter him/her in the pet classes!

I Don’t Like Cut-Throat Competition

That’s great! Backstabbing and over competitiveness are not encouraged at rat shows. We are a fun bunch of people who love to have an excuse to get together and have a social gathering. Shows are great places to swap ideas and stories, and the actual competition itself is secondary to this to most people. It’s always fun to win a ribbon or a trophy, but it’s not everything!

What Sort of Preparation Does Showing A Rat Require?

Not much at all! If your rat is particularly filthy, you might like to give him/her a bath but make sure you only use kitten shampoo or something equally gentle as rats have sensitive skin. Usually you only need to clean their tail. Some clubs require that you clip back your rats’ nails so the judge doesn’t end up scratched all over from handling dozens of sharp-nailed rodents. It’s also a good idea (and some clubs require it) that you de-worm and de-louse your rats before you take them to the show. That way, nasty critters cant infect your rats or other rats.

What Can Get my Rat Disqualified?

Well, a number of things can exclude your rat from being shown. Usually these include your rat being pregnant or nursing, sick, lice-ridden or aggressive. Don’t show your rat if you think it may have any of these problems.

Do I Need to Know Anything Else?

Not really, anything else that you will need to know, such as rules and protocol, you will find out from your state’s club as these can vary from club to club.