Saying Goodbye

A sad fact of life…

It’s inevitable that your beloved pets’ lives are going to come to an end, and for some people, the end of their rat’s life is a devastating blow. It is little comfort to know that everyone who owns pets has to go through this rough time of life, but it does mean that a large support basis exists. In the online world email lists, forums and chat programs all provide places for rat owners to communicate their joy, worries and finally their deep upset. The support in these communities can be phenomenal. More on contacting rat groups online is available here.

Ill rats

Sometimes rats can become fatally ill, unable to survive a wound or disease. Such untimely deaths are an unexpected blow, often cutting rats down in their prime. If your rat is terminally ill and each day just brings more suffering, it is time to put your rat before your own feelings. Have it put down peacefully by taking it to a good vet who will treat it kindly in its last moments before death. A database of good vets around Australia is available here

Old rats

Once rats have lived their life through, some may die peacefully with no help from a vet, comfortable and without pain to the very last breath. However some rats can start to suffer terribly from old age. When you judge that your rat’s quality of life has come to a point where there is only pain and suffering, taking it to a good vet and having it peacefully put to sleep is really the kindest thing you can do. When you can see your rat’s life declining, take the time to say your goodbyes and wish it well on its journey.