Ongoing Care

Cage Cleaning

Depending on what sort of enclosure you are keeping your rats in, you may need to clean anywhere from once a week up to a few times a week. If you notice your rat’s cage becoming dirty and smelly, it’s time to clean it out! Don’t let your rat live in its own filth, as an ammonia build up from soiled bedding can cause your rat to develop respiratory problems. Take out any uneaten and perishable foods after your rats are done, such as chicken bones or veges, as these can start rotting in the cage.

Toothy Pegs!

Rats have teeth that grow continuously all their lives. As such, they always need hard things to gnaw on to keep their own teeth filed back. Pet stores usually stock a large variety of wood chews, rawhide chews and hard dog biscuits that are not only great treats, but great for their teeth as well. Just remember though, that rawhide and dog biscuits contain a lot of protein and should only be given to your rats once or twice a week at most.

Feeding Times

It’s usually a good idea to keep your rats’ food bowl well stocked. Make sure they are eating all their food, not merely stashing it elsewhere for later otherwise you may go through more food than you need to. At least a few times a week, give your ratties some fresh fruit or veges, and of course they always love the odd treat or two.

Play Time

Put aside some time each day to play with your rats outside of their cage and do a general health check. Rats love to be out of their cage, and rightly so.. imagine being stuck in one room day in and day out with the same view out the window. Boring!!!

The Water Bottle

You really need to check morning and night that the water bottle in your rats cage is working properly and is full of fresh water. Clean out the water bottle thoroughly every now and then, because bacteria build-up can be a problem.