Meet My Rats and Mice

Note: I used to be a small-time breeder of rats but due to quite severe allergies to rat dander, especially in Summer, I’ve had to rehome most of them which was very depressing. I’ve got a small but growing population of mice now, and their dander/litter/hair doesn’t manage to get all over the house so they are manageable. I will begin breeding a few mouse litters in a while, but will only ever have one litter on the go at a time so that my allergies don’t object too much.


Mr. Minkyboodle – Born in early 2000, Minky is a direct descendant of what’s lovingly dubbed the Mad Mink line of bRatpack Rattery. These minks have personality and charm oozing from every pore. Minky was neutered in his ‘teenage’ years to control some of his rampantness and reduce the stress his hormones were giving him.

Bob – A recent addition to my small clan. He was rescued from a situation whereby his owner was handing him over to a pet store because she didn’t want him anymore. Due to his size he had a good chance of becoming snake food as everyone wants baby rats, not half grown ones (although I’ve since learned that the particular store in question will try their hardest to make sure their rats aren’t going as food – YAY!). I couldn’t let that happen as not only did I fall in love with him on sight, he proved to be affectionate and very well handled. He is a silverfawn hooded.

Jay – Tracey York from bRatpack Rattery gave Jay to me as a friend for Bob. At the time that I got Bob, I couldn’t put him with Minky and Nervatia because a young male would no doubt just harass my old and ailing girl (since deceased). So Jay came to live at Chateau Excalibur. Jay has a wonderful temperament and was bred and brought up by a young lady called Amy who lives on the Gold Coast. Like Bob, Jay is a silverfawn.


Eventide – Virginia from Pipsqueeks Mousery gave this little white fluffball to me. I was also given her sister, Opalears, but she has since passed away. Eventide is a black eyed white texel (long haired rex).

Wombat – Also bred by Pipsqueeks Mousery, I bought Wombat from Pet City because her cute nose was irresistable. She is the most outgoing of all the mice and has a personality more like a rat than a mouse. She is an almost-texel agouti.

Muffin – She is Wombat’s daughter and has a personality much like her mother’s. She is a smokey black berkshire texel and is so very cute.

Lady Godiva – The name says it all really. She is a hairless mouse that I bought from a pet store as a baby. I was warned that she would be sickly and die at a young age but she has actually been healthy all her life and shows no indication of being sickly at all. She’s a Grand Champion hairless and always attracts the stares and laughs at shows. As she is getting older, she is becoming wrinkly and is starting to look like a pink Yoda.

Mercury – What a cute little fellow he is! I’m not exactly sure of his colour yet, not being well versed in mouse colours, but he is silvery with red eyes. He’s a manx, so he has that cute little bunny-hop way of getting around.

Top Deck (Toppie) – When I bought her she was -tiny-. She’s a beautiful glossy black with a white underside – hence her name. I’ve since been informed that she is probably a fox. I was watching her meticulously grooming her feet while lying on a pile of her siblings and just fell in love with her.

Muffywuffles – Stop laughing at her name! I was attracted to this mouse because of her pretty possum-like face and lovely colour. She’s obviously been someone’s pet as she’s very well-tamed and quite curious whenever someone is doing something near her cage. Apparently she’s a sable.